Goin back to Cali

Ok. Really, it's my first time to Los Angeles (outside of LAX anyway)... but am I the only one who still gets LLCoolJ in my head?

:-) Sorry, couldn't resist.

I will be in LA for the remainder of this week, and the beginning of the next. I'll be visiting with bridesmaid *K (aka Minnie Mouse),
(Bridesmaid *K, Stitch, and Me at DW a few years ago)

house hunting, hoping to talk my way into UCLA grad program, and of course - going to Disney Land!Who would have thought LLCoolJ and Disneyland would be in the same post?

Anyway, this obviously means that blogging will PROBABLY be limited. (I saw probably because I am taking my computer and who knows?) But just for fun... look what will be coming up soon!!
My Foot, with *A's too small for my foot barefoot sandal!

I made bridesmaid *A 's barefoot sandals last weekend! And this time I took pictures so I can post a how-to DIY!!! AND....

3 of the 5 bridesmaids dresses arrived yesterday!! I go to see them in T minus 1 hour!!!! I'll take pictures and post a review of the dresses and the shop I've been dealing with.

Stay tuned!

But in the mean time.... stalk THIS blog.. I just love it!

Any LA advice or must-see's as an intro to the city? (I will be moving there this winter, so it's not imperative that I see and do it all now... but advice and suggestions always welcomed!!)


amanda said...

i saw this and thought of you: http://www.mydreamwedding.ca/wp-content/uploads/image/April2008/candle2.jpg

*Michelle said...

That's so fun! Mahalo Amanda.

hbowar said...

Have fun in LA! I still get that song in my head whenever we go somewhere and fly back! It never ends!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Sorry to put this in your comments - but I couldn't find an e-mail on your blogger account:


I'm doing a Bee Gee Bags (www.beegeebags.com) giveaway this week, and it occurred to me that people who bid on my Nie Nie auctions might be interested. This time - anyone can comment to win a FREE bag.

(Since these make great bridesmaids gifts - I wanted to make sure I got you the info - e-mail or not!)

Here is my first post about Bee Gee bags: http://www.thebigpieceofcake.com/2008/09/in-my-clutches-beautiful-bags-from-bee.html, and here is my post on the giveaway: http://www.thebigpieceofcake.com/2008/10/as-good-as-cake-giveaway-bee-gee-bags.html

Please comment on the giveaway post - you just might win!

I'd like to do more of these as a thank you to the people who read my rambling posts - maybe monthly. But I'll want to approach other really talented designers (ones who don't know me). If I can tell them I got over 100 comments on this giveaway - then I won't feel like a big dork about it!
And really - I want to get as much exposure for the new (to me) indie designer as I can. I just think she's fabulous.

If you do decide to comment, good luck!

Sorry for hijacking your comments...

Rachel @ Southern Weddings said...

Have a fabulous time on your trip!! Oh how I love Cali! I would like to get in touch with you sometime regarding featuring you on Southern Weddings Blog. If you could, please email me with your contact email {rachelatswsmagdotcom}. I am having a hard time finding it on this blog :) Take care!

amanda said...

thought this was right up your alley as well:


we have fairly similar wedding styles you see. i'm having a starry night themed wedding and yours is like a beachy & starry so while looking at starry-like details when i come across a beachy theme i feel the need to share. hope that's ok :)


The Pissed Off Bride said...

Wow. Haven't heard that song in forever. No, your not alone.

Have a great trip!