B*zilla with a CAPITAL B!

Normally, I think we have all read, and agreed that the term Bridezilla should never have been invented. I personally have been called that once and I have to tell you, considering how flexible I am, and how I have been busting my tail to make everything easy for everyone else, I was not a happy camper to be called this - even in joking. I really just wanted to fire back with "Well, since you are such a pretentious snotty two-face b*tch, I guess we are even! Oh, heheh - I was only kidding." But then I read stories like this one from View From the Top of the Cake:


Its sad, but she sure seems to fill the shoes of the word. So, maybe it shouldn't be abolished, but anyone who thinks its a funny term to toss around should have their toe stepped on, and then forced to read a story like this.
Anyone else come across a b-zilla who fits the bill?