Get Thee to a Printery: Part 2 -When its All Sent and Done...

So the magnet from the last one, and this file were what I sent to Guru expecting a little alignment and resizing and then uploading to VistaPrint.
ummm....notsomuch. Guru opened the info card (above) and literally yelled "AHHHHH" and scooted back from the computer. hmmmm..... He just looked at me, and then yelled to the computer guru of the office to come see. Computer Guru walked in and grimaced and said "eoww" and looked at me. Mind you, this one had gone through us, my bridal party, my family, and the wedding planner and was approved by all. I thought this was going to be the easy one! 2 hours and 2 gurus later I give you our info card!

Much better!

So, while you might not be able to tell, this is resized, lightened and the people are outlined. (And of course info blurred for bloginimity!)

Thanks to many other brides to be, I knew a few key things about Vista Print.
  • Order more than you need, some will probably be screwed up from the machines.
  • Coupons are evvveerrywhere... must google first!
So because of their available increments, we were going to end up with 200 magnets and 200 info cards (only needed about 130 of each) so we've got the first one covered!
AND (this is a great and - I hope yall stuck it out to read this) due to the wonderful coupons, we got 200 4x6 magnets 200 4x6 info cards (with linen finish) and 200 personalized envelopes with design below and return address AND all shipping for UNDER $200!!!!!!!!!! SWEET!!!!

Hell yeah!!!
Anyone else find a MAJOR score for their Save the Dates?

Obviously, Dad is much happier about these than the original! :-) Gotta Love Family!