Blog Bliss: Zenadia Design - For Me?

Zenadia Design's Blog is one of my favorite daily stalkings. Smart, funny, crafty, creative - and just a bit edgy. I love it!

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Zenadia Design (pronounced zen-ah-dee-uh) creates custom invitations and stationery for those looking to make a lasting impression. Rather than using ordinary materials, we use natural and extraordinary materials to make our designs stand out. Please contact us to discuss the endless possibilities that await you!

So, the other day, she posed a question to the readers asking what color combinations we would like to see on her new inspiration boards. Being the no-so-quiet blog stalker I am, I commented with (big surprise) my wedding colors! Since, as I mentioned before, I hadn't seen anything like my color combination before, not only would it be beneficial to me, but to the bridal blogging world in general since it would be new and different!

And she did!!! And it rocks! Look closely and that is actually the dress that Eldest Sister in Law (Really need Bloggy nickname for her) will be wearing!

Inspiration Board MANY THANKS to Zenadia Design!
Go, read, and enjoy!!


ZenadiaDesign said...

Thanks so much for the nice compliments! Glad you enjoy reading!

Wes & Rae Leytham said...

THat looks awesome! I love the colors. But I REALLY love that cake! I love non-white cakes now.

Noaki Jewelry said...

Heidi comes up with the best combinations doesn't she? This looks fabulous -- especially the cake. It's so unexpected.

Broke-ass Bride said...

That zenadia design site just gave me a wee wedding boner. Thanks!
xo, Broke-Ass Bride

amy-jo Tatum/bride chic said...

The aquas here are so soothing. . . Great job!