We Interrupt This Save The Date Broadcast: For a new dress!!

This is a different kind of Blog Bliss. This is, I stalk blog - I read suggestion and drool over picture - I go to ebay and bid - and now....

Oh yeah!
Thanks to Miss Hot Cocoa of Weddingbee - I am the proud new owner of this BCBG beauty... for less than $100!

Ok, anyone wondering how Miss HC landed me with a new dress.... read on...

Ok - So I kinda of skimmed right passed her recommendation of this as a bridesmaids dress.... and bid on it for me! hmmm.. Shower dress? Damn - our shower is casual. Rehearsal dinner dress? Foiled again! Also trying to be casual. Wedding After Party? hmmm... most people probably in jeans or pjs for that one. Of course... I am the bride damnit and I can over dress to my own party if I want!!

:-) Anyone find a perfect dress they are trying to find an excuse to wear?


ZenadiaDesign said...

What an amazing find!! Thats such a cute dress!

Wes & Rae Leytham said...

That dress is gorgeous. I say you wear it the whole week of your wedding except for the wedding day!

Katie said...

Ha! When I saw Miss Hot Cocoa's post on that dress, I was desperately trying to come up with an occasion to wear it to - then remembered the fab vintage party dress I just bought and have no need for.
You're totally right though, it's your wedding and you have every right to overdress!!