Get Thee to a Printery: And Back Again! The end of the Epic Evolution

They're here!!! But hopeully won't be for long. I want to get these babies out the door ASAP!! I know sometimes a Save the Date just isn't necessary, but since 2/3 of our guests are from out of town, and the airlines are insane in their prices, I feel the need to get the info to our guests as soon as possible so they have the best chances at being able to snag tickets at a decent price and join us!!

So you've now seen our Save the Dates evolve and can share in the "oooohs" and "ahhhhhs."

When the box arrived, it looked liked on a rainy day, someone forgot the soccer ball, so they subbed in my box of Save the Dates. Let's just leave it at - I was nervous to open them. Shipping gods be praised - the insides were just fine and dandy!


For anyone thinking it looks lopsided - look closer... there used to be last names there but I photoshopped them out.

Like the tree on the envelope?
So there they are in all their glory. (More or less - obviously bad lighting - I'll see if I can't manage a better picture of the info card and its linen texture.) Oh - and very cool part? I wasn't in a huge rush so i did the 14 day shipping method to save a couple of bucks. From my clicking "order" to DHL guy handing them over - 10 days! We've already got a bunch of them addressed and ready to go (I'll post a photo of our printed addresses soon) and are waiting for my parents to get back from vacation to send us the remaining addresses we need!

While this whole ordeal wasn't as easy as point click and pay - I wouldn't have changed a thing. I hand delivered the first Save the Date to Guru, who beamed proudly and stuck it to his filing cabinet.

Ironic part? They are exactly what the files look like. That's a good thing - except when I actually opened them I was almost let down. I love 'em, I really do. I couldn't be more proud for the result of the time, and effort that went into making Save the Dates that are really "us". It was just a "This isn't new, I've seen this a million times already!" Silly and ironic? Yes. True initial reaction anyway? Yup.

Anyone else have a bizarre mixed reaction to their papery?


hbowar said...

Those are great! Very pretty!