Its a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! kind of day: The Interview with Modern Bride

Keep reading to find out what in the world my sporting clays photo has to do with Modern Bride.

For anyone who didn't read the previous post, scroll down or click here because otherwise you'll have no clue what I'm talking about.

All that was Tuesday afternoon. Oh yeah - it took up the entire rest of the afternoon trying to set up meetings etc to make sure I didn't cross any lines. OOF.

The head of our PR firm wanted to meet with me and do a mock interview. ehehehehhehe - sorry - this just makes me laugh. We are a science research group! and the Mr that heads up PR wants to do a mock interview as though he was Modern Bride calling to ask questions. Something tells me they weren't coming from the same angle. =)

(For anyone who wants to know: I work on a projected called Sensory Substitution for Wounded Servicemembers. If yall want to know, I'm happy to babble about it, but its not exactly wedding related so hence I haven't posted about it.)

The designated call time rolls around and RING!!!!! I look at the caller ID and see...
Ok. Obviously that is not what my caller ID showed, but it was the number she said it would be coming from.
So WITH the PR guy in the room to make sure I didn't mis-credit or reveal too much or go into my opinions on our funding (grumble grumble.. don't get me started on congressional funding!) I began answering her questions.... and sweating. 20 minutes later she thanked me, said she had enough for now, and that I'd hear from her in about a month. I had sweat all the way through my shirt, stumbled over my words, and used the word "factor" in almost every sentence and I have no idea why. Did I mention I hate speakerphone!?

So, thats that. There MIGHT be a blurb about me in Modern Bride. I'm sure in a few more hours I will think this is all very cool and be incredibly excited about it... but right now I am still answering questions around the office about my being a Modern Bride. Did I mention I am in science research?! oy vey.
(This is my WTF? face)
Anyone else have their wedding life spill over into their work life where it just doesn't belong?

Oh - and just to make it better, when entering, it asked for photos. These are 2 of three I put in (the third one will have to wait until I get home - wrong computer):

Anyone recognize that from my proposal photos? Nice touch with with messy counter and terrible lighting right?
And this was the other one! (Or maybe it was the one at the top of the post - I don't actually remember.) Don't ask me why I thought these were great ones to send to Modern Bride. I am sure at the time I had a really great reason....maybe.

Have I embarrassed myself enough for your entertainment today?


christine@wishpot said...

Hey Michelle.. congrats on your interview. I am gift girl from Wishpot and we would love to feature you as a wedding expert on our site! please email me christine@wishpot.com for the details... Cheers! And keep up the great posts.

Angie said...

Only you Michelle! I hope it all works out. Any publicity for a good cause is worth the headache and explaining.

Sasha @ Sparkliatti.com said...

Michelle...That's so great. I just love everybody over there, who interviewed you? ;)

It's A Jaime Thing said...

OH MY! That is SOOO exciting, I hope I do see you in there, congratulations, girl!

Very cool.