Don't Turn on the Water if You Ain't Gonna Shower!!

So I've mentioned a few times about our planned showers/parties. Let me elaborate for a moment.
This is a vent before I get to all the fun stuff (like mixing bowls on heads etc).

Shortly after we got engaged, people started saying they wanted to throw parties for us. Sure! They were mostly being nice and it was more the thought. Well once we knew where we would be moving, and when and where we planned on having the wedding, people started pulling out the calendars to claim dates for their parties. Cool! One set claimed Sept 20 as a Fiesta themed kitchen shower/party. Another claimed October 18th as a Chinese themed cocktail party. The third was trying to figure between the 1st and 2nd week of November for a small dinner shower among our church friends. 3 parties!? HOLY COW!Well the couple that hadn't set an actual date realized that between the limited weekends we could be sure we would be in Panama City, and their busy 2 kid schedule, it wasn't really going to work. So instead, she is throwing a Bridal Luncheon just for my bridesmaids and I sometime the week of the wedding. The AMAZING Kathleen Kane of "K2 Bakes For You" is going to do the food and it'll be a relaxing lunch just visiting with my girls. I think this couldn't be more perfect. As I've mentioned before, these showers were having an interesting MULTIPLICATION effect on the guest list!! So now its set up perfectly, 2 party/showers and a bridal luncheon.

Well, Mrs Oct 18th Part Planner is an incredibly sweet lady.... and incredibly FLAKY! My mother called me a little upset and asked me what I was doing. Well, since it was to be a Chinese themed party, I planned on buying a Quipao to wear! (When else am I going to get this excuse!?) Since I'm in small-town-South, my only Quipao option was Craigslist. I was actually meeting with the girl who was selling one to try it on when Momma Duck called. I told her what I was doing and she started crying telling me that Mrs Oct 18th had canceled because they were going to Europe instead that weekend. oof!

At this point, the invitations for the Sept party have already gone out and the guest list done. Sh*t. We divvied up the guest list between those two parties so people didn't have to come to a bunch of parties and bring gifts, and because some would fit better with one crew of people versus the other. Needless to say, things got really crazy real quick trying to figure out if anyone was going to throw the second party, or if my parents would through an "engagement" party since its tacky to throw your own kids a shower.

All I have to say, is that its perfectly nice to offer to throw a party, but if you are going to set a date and a theme and ask for and have already received a guest list from the wedding family - YOU DAMN WELL BETTER MEAN IT!

Else, I sick annoyed apple cat on you!!
(Really, it was just a good photo representation of how I felt.)

AND the Sept party was a little short notice for many of our friends who would have to take off work and fly in. Some were planning on coming to the October party since tickets could be bought far enough out....grrrr again. So there weren't as many "kids" as we would have liked, but it sure was a great time and now that I have all that venting angry kitty off my keyboard, on to the fun stuff!!