Showered with Love: Part 1 - The "Kids"

So now that you know the background behind this shower weekend... its on to the craziness that is my friends and family, and the pictures to prove it!

My parents moved from the house that I grew up in to a condo about 2 years ago, so the reality of having a bunch of "kids" in town for the party meant that we all needed somewhere to stay, and there just isn't even enough floor space at the 'rents. So my mother decided that she would rent us a condo on Panama City Beach so we could party and hang out and not keep them up! We showed up on Friday and all I have to say is, THIS is not what I expected....

All photos in this post courtesy of me, Momma Duck, or Erka.

Room #1

Room #2

Dining room (non-pictured kitchen to the left)

MASTER bedroom

Master Bathroom. Forget the party adn everyone else, can I just stay in here!??!

Living room

And oh yeah, we had our own balcony and the view was of the beach and the pool. Oh, and see the umbrellas over beach chairs way out there, yeah 2 of them were reserved for us!

Holy Sh*t!! This place was awesome! The only drawback was that we were only here for 2 nights! We all wanted to spend a week hanging out here. Oh, and across the street is a new shopping / entertainment development that hosts the likes of Margeritaville and Ron Jon's Surf Shop etc. It was awesome.

So the weekend "kid" crew arrived (FINALLY! Seriously, I don't know why some people can't even CALL to ask directions, let alone stop.) and we all went out to dinner at Schooners, The Last Local Beach Club.

Erka (MOH) and Kat

Josh (who can never seem to just smile for a picture damnit!) and Adam

I have no idea what he said to deserve this reaction... or why I look like I am a bizarre bird about to spit on him.. but nonetheless, for better or worse - that's us!

heheh - and since we are both known for having our sunglasses on our heads even at night, the obligatory sunglasses pic.

Ok. That's a lot of pics for one post. So, stay tuned for Wii/Mii fun and a shower that was really a great party!


Erica said...

So, this is what I'll always remember about this weekend...
Worst. Bruise. EVER.
Yes, that's my leg.
And here's the one you've already seen on my arm...
I'm still blaming this one on Josh. Seriously, how hard is it to walk through the gate instead of jumping over the fence?

the pissed Off Bride said...

Looks like an amazing time!

lucky you for having great family and friends!