Get Thee To the Printery!: Evolution of our Save the Dates Part 1

Ok. Maybe Shakespeare just rolled over in his grave, but I think Hamlet would just laugh. (Anyone who doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about; pick up Hamlet and start reading, or Netflix the Kenneth Branaugh film version.)

Let me start out by saying "All hail Guru!" Yes, this is the same Guru who (correctly) suggested/told me about my photographer.

Now let me show you why we are giving thanks to Guru. Without further ado, I give you - the evolution of our Save the Dates!
We started with a fun magnet from
This was my Dad's way of saying it was OK. (Anyone else loving the Glamour shots photo of Momma Duck in the background?)

This was my FIRST EVER attempted at using photoshop. I knew it was incredibly rough, but thats where Guru said he'd fix it.

Much better. But too many squiggles and having some sizing issues.

Oh, and in the midst of this, Momma Duck forwards me her favorite Save the Date because of all the info it contained.

So I started working on an info card to accompany the magnet.

And then this happened. This is Guru and his brand new beautiful baby girl. (Courtesy of Rae Leytham - for anyone whos bells aren't ringing - Rae is the photographer that Guru suggested and is now our photog!)
Needless to say, the evolution of the Save the Dates was then slow going because I was working on them myself and I know next to nothing about photoshop! But for your entertainment until I come back with the final stages, I give you, the evolution of dance!...


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Guru's baby is SO darn cute. Seriously, that is a pretty baby!