Small Town: Vendors and Politicians

Small towns are fun. People are quirky and everyone knows it. Of course, it also makes guest lists insane! But thats for another post. This one is about another interesting (oft overlooked) feature of small towns. People tend to have several jobs. For instance, our wedding planner was also my babysitter for a while . (Fortunately for us all, I don't have any digital photos to share of that era.) =)

When it came to choosing how/who to provide music, we had decided on a DJ (I know some of you are thinking - No band? I'll talk about that in just a sec - hold your horses) and when we said DJ to our wedding planner she said "Jim Lawson". Hands down. She said she would call as soon as we were done talking to book him. Well OK then. She's planned lots of local weddings and if she's that set on it, thats good enough for me.

Well, me being the internet reliant one googled him. And this is what I found...
I know thats a little fuzzy, but basically its that he's been the summer DJ at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort on Panama City Beach for the past 15 years.

Enter the small town fun - I used to be a beach lifeguard at that hotel and used to know him. Well, at least I know he can definitely fill in with tropical music for the atmosphere, and I know he's got a fun personality with just the right amount of "cheese factor" for a DJ. He's like a sharp cheddar, gets your attention and makes you laugh more than a blah swiss, and doesn't leave you making a face like a over the top gorgonzola. (Don't get me wrong - I love almost all cheeses in there own right. But some are more appropriate for weddings than others.)

Ok - so the small town thing gets even more fun. These were the signs that were plastered everywhere last time I drove into PC.
Oh yeah, thats our DJ running for county commissioner! He reassured me on the phone that it wouldn't interfere (and I believe him), but unfortunately, he didn't win.

Anyone else have multitasking vendors or small town fun to share?

(Don't worry - my DJ vs Band post will be along soon.)