Its a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! kind of day: Explaining the Connection

Warning! Wordy post - though oddly funny to anyone who didn't live it I am sure.

Yesterday was just one of those days at work when no one seems to believe the problems that came up. And I GUARANTEE that you will never guess where this leads....

Me: The machine did this.
Boss: That doesn't make sense.
Me: I know. But that is what it did.
Boss: No it didn't. There is no logical reason for that to happen.
Me: (through gritted teeth) I don't know why it happened, I'm just telling you it did.
Boss: No it didn't. Try it again. And get someone else to help you.
Me: OK. (Lots and lots of expletives mumbled under breath).

Big surprise - the machine did the same darn thing. So my day was annoying at best.
And then I got an email with embarrassing and unexpected ramifications. I got an email from the Executive Editor of Modern Bride asking me when would be a good time to set up a phone interview about the project I work on.
That is probably a good representation of my reaction. I promptly googled the server the email was sent from etc. This was no joke....

They had just emailed me asking for a phone interview.

After looking around the room for some logical explanation (mind you, I have my own office, I have no idea who/what I thought might give me answers) I replied with when and which number (that she already had) would be good to reach me. Ok. Here comes the beginning of the embarrassing part. By now, anyone still reading is wondering how they knew the project I work on and had all my info.

Oh yeah. I entered that. (And I'm turning red again.) Didn't get selected - forgot all about it. Well someone went through the apps, found mine, and though my project sounded interesting enough that they passed it up the the Executive Editor who wanted to interview me about it.

Heres where the embarrassment gets worse. My project includes some media sensitive areas and some proprietary research. I needed to check on what I could or could not talk about. I really didn't want to bring this to my boss, so I went over his head thinking it could be a simply answered question. WRONG! Next thing I knew I was meeting with my boss, his boss, the lawyer for my work and the head of the PR firm! Oh yeah, I had to explain to each of them why Modern Bride had contacted me. (Face has gone beyond red to crimson I am sure.)

anyone still reading... stay tuned for day 2: the interview.


hbowar said...

Thanks for your comment! I love the monkey picture and I hope I don't have to use it again, but I still have 8 months to go! :)

I'm still considering getting a DOC who is local to the area, not someone from a different state!

I felt way better after my post, thank God for blogging!