Blog Bliss: Elizabeth Anne Designs Sparks a Gift Idea

This beautiful little handmade journal showed up in my mailbox a few weeks ago. The return address on the very nifty clear envelope said it was from Elizabeth Anne Designs! How incredibly kind!!!! Its not particularly thick, but I love it. I also am now loving the clear envelopes! hmm... plastic.... anyone know if they are recyclable? They probably wont work for our invites and we already have our Save the Date envelopes, but they are just damn cool.
Now for the bad news. I am terrible at journals! (I know, I know - but I'm an actively blogging bride, how can I be bad at keeping a journal?! Thats just part of the fun irony that is me.) But this is a beautiful notebook. Perfect for someone logging their experience of a a particular event and the effort leading up to it... say.. a wedding. (I know - SUCH a surprise that I think that a wedding is a good idea of something to document the expeinece of!! Right out of left field!!... or not.) But since I am a bad journalist... I started to think about who could benefit the most from this generous gift who is involved in a wedding and deserving of this cool handmade journal.... hmmm...maybe someone who has to listen to me gripe or be the gentle springboard for some of my more bizarre ideas? Maybe someone who was there when I found my dress and who's words carreid ALOT of weight in telling me it was "me"? Sounds like my MOH!!! :-)

Aww hell.... she reads this. Ok - Erka you still have to be a little surprised when I give it to you! :-)

Now I am wishing I had thought of this ahead of time and given one to each of my Bridesmaids (or at least my MOH much earlier in the game) so they can document their thoughts and experiences. For the sisters it might be thoughts of comparisons to their weddings.. or what I was like as a bridesmaid! For my non-married friends, they could vent about the mass amounts of emails of bouquet pictures I've sent them. How fun would it be for them, later on in life, when planing their weddings to look bad and read what they thought of it all from a bridesmaids point of view?

Anyone else have a great gift idea too late to be useful? Anyone else like my journal to the bridesmaids idea?

Anyone overwhelmed by the waay too much text and babbling just click here and go drool over some of the great and inspiring posts at Elizabeth Anne Designs.