Salutations to Single Shennanigans: Part 2 - Lingerie Shower

So I left off with a somewhat dreary day with plans falling a part and the bad weather giving guests and friends trouble getting into town. Now most of the day has gone by and its time for my Lingerie Shower!! Nina made a fun invite:
Of course my size and bra size are wrong but oh well! Anyone notice who's hosting? Yeah, "The Church Ladies"... including the priest's wife and the headmistress of my elementary school!! Who's going to need therapy? Oh wait - thats me! Oy.

So we arrive, and the next thing I know, I'm wearing a flashing "bride to be" necklace and a veil... with a twist. :)
Oh yeah, those are devil horns. It was funny... I'm just REALLY glad it wasn't phallic.
So there was a great spread of food, lots of talking, and some great mango mojitos.
Most of these women have known me since I was 3 years old. And the one in the blue green jacket is my mom.

So then the present opening started and the embarrassment began...
Did I mention THE CHURCH LADIES threw this shindig??
Actually, it was a lot of fun and it wasn't all lingerie.
The above pancake griddle pan was given with banana pancake mix and a pancake flipper. I was told I would understand it more on Saturday. ... huh? Its pancakes! YUM! What's to understand?
Brilliant idea for anyone going to a lingerie shower who doesn't want to give lingerie - hangers!!

Just below is me cuddled up in my SOFT new robe! I love it!

So, just below was from my mother with her suggestion of my wedding it on the wedding night! :)
Loving the feet!!

Well, that was her funny gift. Her real one was the beautiful white one below.

Above is the top part of a red hula lingerie outfit. It was fun.
Below is the "proper attire" for preparing my hubby a snack. (Note: the proper attire only includes the bowtie and apron skirt!)

Apparently, I was ready to beat someone with the rolling pin.

Unbeknownst to me, MaryEllen had written down what I said as I opened all the gift and was now reading them back as "things Michelle will say on her wedding night." It was hilarious!!

So with the shower ended, now it was time to get ready for going out. In true Panama City style, the girls had made me a airbrush t-shirt. They decided that a tshirt was too plain, so we had to jazz it up with some bows at the shoulders.

Add in an additional POOFY veil and some leis, we were ready to hit the town!
Stay tuned for part 3!!

Hint - it involved Margaritaville and a fishing lure. Only in the south.