Floral Frenzy

So my sister-in-law is a floral designer (and thus the recipient of a million emails from me of blog photos I like). But I wanted her to be able to be a part of the wedding as my sister and bridesmaid and have fun. So this meant that someone else would have to work with her and do most of the actual leg work. One problem, she lives in Hawai'i and our florist is from Tennessee (wedding coordinator recommendation). So they talked via email and between them and the wedding coordinator, I never had anything to do or worry about.

My parent's just renovated their office building and the side of it that is for rent we used for the floral ready room. We cranked the AC and set up of few tables. And the next thing we knew:
Poof! Pretty Flowers and vases!

At this point, Tom (florist) was walking my MOH and I around flower by flower and explaining the plans and asking if they were ok etc. I finally stopped him and said
"The flowers are beautiful, I can't imagine that there is anyway to make them look ugly. So, as far as I'm concerned - we're good. No need to explain - I'm not the floral pro."

And guess what - I WAS RIGHT!
Between the floral fiends - we ended up with some BEAUTIFUL centerpieces!
(Photo by the wonderful Rae Leytham)

And my sister hand made my bouquet for me, and I couldn't have been happier. It was beautiful, whimsical, tropical, and had a touch of sparkle!
(Photo by the amazing Rae Leytham)

Anyone else take a hands-off approach to their florals?


Heidi said...

Your flowers turned out amazing!!! I gave my florist the flowers I like and told her to use her discretion! I'm like you...their the pro, not me!