Military Bride

I'll get back to pre-wedding shenanigans in just a bit, for the moment, I want to touch on a bit of my real life.
So there are lots of fun things about being a military bride. Not the least of which is a dashing uniform!! Oh, and add to that that my husband is a pilot and spends most normal days in a flight suit... am I the luckiest girl ever? I think so! :) We also don't have to worry about insurance or lay offs, and we have a decent support system. Being in the Coast Guard, it becomes a very small personal world, scattered from coast to coast. But it does come with its drawbacks. We were married for 2 weeks before he left. He has 6 weeks of training in Alabama. I mentioned before that we spent our first 18 months of dating 6000 miles apart, but it still hurts every time, and now that he's my HUSBAND (still not used to that word!) its worse than before. So its back to phone calls and emails for us, while I try to keep busy enough not to notice how lonely it is to wake up without him. So, to any of you girls who has your guy nearby, go give him a hug and be glad you can.
Just so this isn't the most depressing post ever - one of the upshots of being a military bride - the sword arch!!

Thank you Wes for capturing this moment! (I know this shot was Wes because I can just see the edge of Rae's camera and shirt in front of us.)

I miss my husband.


Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

beautiful pic! I'm not a military bride.. but my hubby is a military groom/hubby! :o)

I'm the one with the camo!