Salutations to Single Shennanigans: Part 1

Adam and I had 2 very different perspective and plans for our "last hoorahs". And I don't mean that he wanted strippers and I wasn't ok with it. I mean that he planned the bachelor parties of a few of the guys in charge of his, so there was retribution to be had. Add to that that my eldest brother also being in charge of planning and you've got on hell of a night that will probably end up in a TERRIBLE hangover and some serious bruising. Below is Adam at bachelor party of his best man, Jon. (There was even a ball and chain that they wrote his bride's name on!)That night ended with most of them kicking back food and hungover and oversleeping to the point that they were late for the rehearsal the next day. Oops. So he was all kinds of nervous. It was a full day of planned drinking for him, starting with a fishing trip in the morning. Unfortunately, we woke up to a horrendous storm. Notsomuch with the fishing trip! So they were spending the day lounging about and running a few errands.

I was at the other end of the spectrum.

The insta-storm that had brewed up meant flights were being delayed, canceled, and rerouted left and right. One of my bridesmaids was stuck in Atlanta after her red eye flight from LA. Another was still in Gainesville because the terrible weather was making driving on I-10 a bit perilous. Adam's parent's and brother were stuck on a tarmac trying to get TO atlanta, and a few cousins and friends were scattered around various airports trying to figure out how to get to PC. I was calling everyone trying to coordinate phone numbers and locations so that if need be, someone could hold up a sign for "D/Z Wedding", collect a crew and rent a car. Not the best of mornings.

That evening, a group of women from my home church (most of whom have known me since I was 3 or 4) decided to through me a LINGERIE shower. The hostess list included the headmistress from my elementary school, a couple of my friends' mothers, and the priest's wife. All I have to say is, when I need therapy, it really isn't my fault.

However, other than that, there were no plans for me. For whatever reason, getting my bridesmaids to talk was like pulling teeth. And everyone was calling me asking what I was planning. My planning? Are you kidding me? I planned the rehearsal dinner and the wedding and the reception and ALL the details to go with that. I AM DONE. I was a bit perturbed for quite a while at this. Anytime someone asked me, I really began to wonder if blood really could boil from anger. But by Thursday, I just didn't give a damn. I knew I wanted to get my nails done, and Bliss was great from the pedicure, so I offered that all the girls could join me. Some did and we had a good time, and then ran some errands and ran into the boys running errands.

It was a very rainy day in a small town... and for the most part, our moods were matching the dreary weather. Anyone else start out their party evening on a less than fun note?