My Foolish Family Practies Walking in a Straight Line

Say "Hi!" to my parents! Sorry - just thought that was a fun photo of the two of them from the rehearsal.
My lovely ladies above... (Sister in law Debbie rehearsing the color too! Glad to know that she actually does like the color I picked!!)
And the guys below.... (Obviously this was at the beginning since we hadn't figured out that we probably needed to move where the musician (AKA Guru) was sitting.)

Much to everyone's entertainment, Dad and Adam got in a elbow shoving match.

The sunglass crew practicing what to say when.

My siblings!

Everyone cutting up and taking pictures.

Ellie and me!

Adam's parents. Looking like the only mature people in this whole crew.

oops - Did I say mature? See the bunny ears on the shadow below!?

I wish someone had a video camera running this whole time. It was so much fun as we were all being complete goofballs... a la when practicing walking down the aisle to our spots, every one had their own unique take on what "Walk with presence" meant. Some people were dancing or staggering or jumping or clicking their heels, and everyone was having a good time.... though from the look on the wedding coordinator' face, we were much more entertained than she was. Of course, being the 5 year olds that we are....errr... act like... her scornful looks just made us laugh harder and goof off more. I'm guessing it only added to her chagrin that it wasn't just the "kids" - my Dad tends to join (or lead) us in the goofing off. Have I mentioned that while Mom sits with the choir in church, Dad and I have been known to be scolded from the pulpit? :)
Yeah, we are that family.
But we always have a good time, and usually accomplish whatever we set out to do.

YEA!!!! :)
On to the rehearsal dinner and welcome party!