Egats! Engagment Pics!

Warning! Post laden with fun photos!!

So a few weeks ago it was a beautiful, crisp day and Adam, Guru and I headed down to Seville Square for some photo shootin fun! We were initially doing this because my mother hates all existing photos of us and didn't want to put them in the paper. We "needed" to have engagement photos for the newspaper! Oy. Well, I stalled and stalled, but then realized that yes, we would end up with a photo or two she would approve of, but really, I just wanted to capture us, as we are now as printable memories for all time.
(oof - I realize that sounded very sappy - just remember, its all Adam's fault!)
We spent about an hour wandering around and being cute as Guru snapped about 300 photos. Guru would want me to point out that the camera he has is years past it's prime so photoshop is his friend. Because of this, we went through the pictures, chose a handful, and he photoshoped them so the colors are beautiful and you can see our faces. Oh, and the turn around time for all of this was a few hours. All in all, guru rocks. And all these fun flickers are courtesy of him.

This one is actually going in Adam's hometown newspaper.
And no, there was no fan, it was actually windy.

I love both of these (above and below) because we are laughing. And really, that's how we spend A LOT of our time. He makes me laugh with jokes and faces and crazy antics, and my laugh makes him laugh. These are the moments that I really wanted captured in time.

Adam thinks he looks funny in this one, I think its fun! He looks like he's very much contemplating something far off, and I look like I'm about to pounce on him... I probably was. =)

Had to have at least one shot of us with our sunglasses on.
(We are both rarely without our shades.)

As posed as this might seem, I was actually just trying to pull of his sunglasses so we could keep taking photos. This is Adam's favorite.

Gotta have a least one kissing pic!

This one is going in my hometown paper! I like it as the best portrait-y shot of us.

I'm sure he was tickling me and proud of making me giggle like a 2 year old.

We had fun with that fountain. I very nearly ended up IN it.

The teaser shot.
And one of my favorite since he looks like he's planning something devious...
and my hair just looks cool.

So there you have it- our engagement pics!
Whatcha think?


Heidi said...

They turned out great! Hopefully your mom was happy! :)

The Pissed Off Bride said...


You two look so cute together!

Aricka said...

These pictures are beautiful and the two of you look so cute! Yes I did see Tiffany's wedding, she is the blogger who inspired me to start my own blog! Her photos are great.

Happy New Year!

Wes and Rae Leytham said...

Look at Guru trying to show me up! It's on Guru!

Ashley said...

Gorgeous pictures, and I love the boots!

gangsta bride said...

Love them. My favs are definitely 2 and 3. You crazy kids are just so in love!

It's A Jaime Thing said...

You look beauuuuuuuutiful!!!! And oh-so-happy - both of you, great pics! ;)