Know what that is?



Oh yeah - That was the inside view of our toasting glasses!
A fellow Coastie pilot got these off our registry for us. They have a fun starburst pattern and while not matching, they don't clash with our glassware we've registered for.

Originally, we were not going to register for toasting glasses, or have anything special at all. We were going to use whatever the Marriott was providing for the guests. Because, really - does it make a difference!? Well, my mother told me that several people had asked her about toasting glasses and whether or not anyone had claimed them yet. So the night after she told me this, visions of heart shaped flutes and wedding bells stems crashed through my head. Kill me. So we registered for a set and VOILA!
Like 'em?

Anyone else register for something you didn't need just to avoid getting things they REALLY didn't want?


Miss Shugarman said...

they are v. nice- classy. elegant. love them!

Blablover5 said...

Those are nice. His Aunt offered to get us our toasting glasses from Things Remembered as soon as we picked one.

Boy was it hard finding something that wasn't butt ugly from there.

Anne @ Pink Galoshes said...

Just love these flutes. So classic, and very elegant.