Timeless Look

Just because it's a hilarious reality check...

Many brides to be are so worried about their look being timeless or classic, so that they don't look back and laugh at what they wore or chose. Frankly, I think that is unavoidable. If you go incredibly simple, you might look back and think of it as plain. Go ornate, and you might think flashy gaudy. Strapless, poofy sleeves, it doesn't matter, later in life - someone will think its funny. My mother tried to be "timeless and classic" back in the day. Her look was fresh hippy meets sheek princess.... and this was her veil....

Excuse my, I just woke up face, and go back and look at the bizarre bunny ear things in additional to the lacy pinwheel things up there!

All I have to say is that you might as well pick something that makes you feel absolutely beautiful, and let fashion be what it will be... entertainment for the future. =)