I Can't Get No, Satisfaction

This is actually one of my favorite pictures from a reception. Obviously, not that its an amazing photo or anything (I took it with my little point and shoot). Its just a couple of people I know, dancing and having a good time... and wait... whats that red thing on his head?

Oh yeah! Its his tie!! The band was rocking and playing satisfaction and they were having a good time and really getting in to it. I really hope to end up with a shot of a bunch of guys with ties on their heads at our wedding. Mental note - add Satisfaction to play list.

This was the wedding of the son of a woman my mother and I know from church. My Dad was off sailing in the Caribbean, and Adam was flying, so Momma Duck and I went together.

Aren't we cute? :)
We had a good time, but there were a lot of things from this wedding we will be trying not to repeat. A quick rundown of lessons learned:
  • Uber short ceremony
  • Bar Blockade
  • No assigned tables
  • Tables outside in the 30 degree weather
  • Food outside in the 30 degree weather
  • No utencils
  • Tables scattered inside and out and we never saw the bride and groom or toasts or cake cutting or anything
Many people talk about making the ceremony short and sweet and moving on to the celebration part! I was so getting on board with this way of thinking. Until this wedding. Everyone knew it was a small church and seating might be a problem, so we got there 20 minutes early and got some of the last seats. We talked with others in the pews and then the wedding began...i blinked... and then it was over. Wait - what? Did I fall asleep? I checked my Mom's watch and found out that 15 minutes was it! I felt like I had missed a step... or 5. So while the notion of short and sweet is nice, in practice it left all the guests thinking "I got here 20 minutes early, the ceremony was only 15 minutes long... I was waiting longer than I was watching the wedding!"

Then we moved on to the reception, which was a beautiful old hotel. I don't know if more people RSVP'd "yes" than they expected, or if this was teh way they planned it, but there were two large dining rooms of tables, tables in the bar, and tables outside ... and it was 30 degrees outside. I quickly noticed that not only were there no seat assignments, the tables weren't labeled, so there would be no escort cards either.

We quickly pounced on a table in the bar with a few friends from church, as others were wandering around trying to decide where they were supposed to go. The bar also had terrible traffic patterns so while most of the bar was empty, you had to wait 20 minutes to get in the door unless you knew you could go around the outside. Maybe it was just ebcause we were in the bar, but we never saw or heard toasts or cake cutting, or the bride and groom. We were, however, near a TV so we watched some football, drank, and danced to the music of the band. It was any other evening at a bar with some friends. Oh, and the food was set up outside in the 30 degree weather, and they ran out of utincels... so I ate with my fingers. But other than all that, the band was great, and we had fun dancing. It was just a large lesson learned in things I'd like to do differently.

Anyone else care to share lessons learned?