Gift Idea: Uniquely Creative Jewelry

I love this idea for gifts... if you've got the budget for it.

But first, so you don't think this is just an advertisement (cause my blog is soooo popular and people want to pay me for that.... errrr.. maybe not), a little personal back story. ('Cause really, otherwise, I'd just send you to the artist's website!)
Last weekend, Adam and I ordered his ring (!!) at our favorite local jewelry boutique, Susan Campbell Jewelry. This place might sound a little familiar to you because it was one of the stops along my Scavenger Hunt Proposal.
If you look REALLY REALLY closely, in the bottom middle pane of the door on the right, you can see a little white card, which was my next clue!

Anyway, we love this shop. We love the owner, we love the wide array of artist's work she carries, and we love that its a little local boutique and not a big chain. We knew we were getting our rings from here. Last weekend, during the Great GulfCoast Arts Festival (have I mentioned that we are festival nuts and I have a google calendar of booked weekends during festival season?) Susan had a Heather Moore trunk show.

SOOO FUN! Each and every piece is meant to be a custom design. You can pick letters or words and which font you do or dont want. You can have them engraved on the front, or the back, or along the edges - whatever! You can do a single charm, or a whole cluster of them. You can all little gemstone charms or gold links. It can be round, or square, or a mix of whatever you'd like.

Obviously, you can also swirl the text and embed little stars or hearts or whatever!

You can personalize every inch of it so your bridesmaid / mom / MIL knows it was specifically for HER.

Like different colors? No problem.
Don't like the charm look? No worries. Just personalize the links!

And, there is something for the guys too!!

I like this cufflink idea better than just your initials or date.
Its more personal with a twist of funky!

Or keychains or belt buckles! Whatever floats your boat.

Only drawback? These babies ain't cheap.
Granted, they are good product and great craftsmanship giving you a high quality beautiful piece. If I only had 1 or 2 Bridesmaids, I might consider it. We are still tossing this around as an idea for the moms, but really, we'd be getting them a VERY basic first piece that they could add to as they liked.

Since I've been teasing you about it for a while now.. I'll post about Adam's ring next! (Maybe mine too!... Though I have no photo pf mine yet.... hmm.. might have to wait on mine.)
Anyone else find a boutique store they love? Or a great gift idea that's just a bit out of range?