Pebbles and Gold and Rings Oh My!

So as promised - Adam's Ring!'cause why should I be the only one with the bling?! =)

What do you think?
Like it?

Oh, in the name of all things Holy I hope you know I am KIDDING!!!
heheheheh. Sorry. It is Friday, ya know.

Last April, we got invited to the launch party of Southern Wedding Style Magazine. Oh yeah, those are the Bliss Event Group girls and now Southern Wedding Magazine and Blog.

There, we ran into our friend, Susan, of Susan Campbell Jewelry, which I've talked about before.
She had her array of unique wedding rings from an array of different artists. We each found rings that we loved. I was pretty much sold on mine. Adam thought his was great, but wanted to keep looking... and looking... and looking...
There is picky... and then, there's my Adam.
I love you sweetie!!!! :-D

So after many many moons of looking at rings and me finding lots of different options, different metals, different designs and levels of intricacy, he finally said "Its cool, but I like my ring better." DONE AND DONE! I stopped looking for alternatives and options, and shortly thereafter, we ordered his ring.
(his real ring this time. ;-) ).
WITHOUT the black diamond - just the band with the Pebble etching.

This beautiful Pebble band will be white gold and is made by Sarah Graham, a great jewelry artist.


Whatcha think?


The Pissed Off Bride said...

...thanks for the good advice!!!

Krista said...

Thanks goodness you were kidding. You never know with some people's taste. Good joke! And great taste!