Why Everyone Should Have a Photobooth

Almost every wedding blog has one thing in common.. they've all talked about or posted photos from a photobooth. Seriously. For all you brides-to-be stalking other planning blogs, find ONE that hasn't done a post with one. I dare ya!

I know its a trend, but with everyone doing photobooths, or faux-tobooths, we were hooked. There was such a wide variety of types, some whimsical, some vintage, but they were all fun, and the pictures are priceless.

(Unless otherwise noted, all photos were clipped from Weddingbee. Click on the photo for its blog-post-link.)

All you really need is a camera, a tripod, and maybe a sheet with a fun print.
Oh, and props, cause everyone loves funny hats and mustaches.

Below, Mrs Cookie went with a traditional rented photobooth, and even provided colorful paper to attach the photo strips to!

Mrs Avacado even thought to bring in a dry erase board for people to include messages!

We knew our reception was going to be a party. We knew that people tend to be silly when happy (and drinking) and we REALLY wanted to encourage this and capture it on film. I've shown you before what can happen with our family friends at weddings. So, true to form, our friends, and our families friends were all drinking and laughing and having a great time... and we caught it all on "film".
(And by "we" I mean our uber wonderful photogs.
Rae and Wes set up the background, provided the props, and snapped the shots! )

I think some of these may end up being among our favorite photos. And as you can tell, it was a hit with the entire crowd, not just us "kids".
They captured the feel of the party and the wide variety of personalities regardless of the ages. It was worth every penny, and in the near future I'll do a full post on our photobooth photos.

A few weeks ago, my husband came across these and we think they would be a great addition to anyone's photobooth props!

And one last idea that I found on weddinbee by way of Martha Stewart,

How fun is that? Use the chalkboard for messages and backdrop!

So, there you have it. Photobooths are just plain fun and you end up with pictures to look at and laugh with for years to come. I highly recommend it!
Anyone else planning the booth route?


Jessica Lynn said...

Hi! Just came across your blog. I was wondering how your guests ended up seeing/getting their photos that were taken. The older ones, for example, who may not have access to a computer. I'm debating the photobooth idea (just wrote a post on it myself!), and that's one of the questions I have!

*Michelle said...

Those are good questions. A lot of the older crew that were there are local (friends of the family from church or down the street etc). My mom printed out a low quality photobook and brought it around with her (to church or visits etc) and a few have asked her to order photos for them. For the most part they or their kids went online and viewed and ordered them directly from my photographer.

5 Star Weddings said...

Great back drop for the wedding photo booth.

tcamp said...

i love this idea everytime you see wedding photo's they all look the same everybody smiling and not moving might tell my daughter about this great for a wedding