Why Walk When You Can Dance?

I am sure most of you have seen this already as is has been extremely prolific on facebook, but just in case you haven't... take two minutes to watch and laugh..

...and then tell me what you think!
  • For those already married, would you have done this?
  • For those still planning, are you considering it or just think its a fun video?
  • For everyone, IF you were to do this, what song would you use!?
For my answers, IF I had seen this first, IN A HEARTBEAT!! (This is all under the assumption I could convince Adam to go for it.)

Funny story: I sent this to my mother... who may or may not read this blog...hmm... if so, Hi Mom! Her response was "I'm glad you didn't see this before the wedding!" Our priest, however, reposted this on his facebook page thinking it was a great idea and that he might have the choir and acolytes process into Sunday service like this! (Note, my mother is in the choir. :) ).

As for the song, I'm not sure. My first thought was some Jimmy Buffet, but that isn't quite "dancy". Redneck Yatch Club is fitting of our crew, but itsn't "lovely" at all. My best idea thus far would be Wynnona's Burning Love from Lilo and Stitch. Of course (as you'll hear about later in recaps), if we did "Mustang Sally" we could have had our priest singing!

Ok - And you???