Almost Dress Regret

Remember how I said I had almost dress regret? I thought I'd elaborate a little.

So this was the strapless version of my dress. It was young and fun and funky and sparkly but not too heavy or traditional. But... it was strapless. And for me, that's a deal breaker. I am not a fan of the way it tends to make me look like a line backer or the fact that I like to dance and jump and I would be the one to come popping out of my dress. Of all the dresses I tried on I always felt "bridal" in any dress with an of the shoulder neckline. And Casablanca being the great company that it is, I could change the neckline!! woohoo! perfect! Ordered and done. Unfortunately, I have never tried one of their off the shoulder neckline dresses so until my dress arrived, I had no idea that my arms would be somewhat restricted in their movement.
Yup, that's about as high as my arms could go.

And all of a sudden I went from feeling bridal and beautiful to restricted and maybe too traditional for my tastes. After all, we were getting married on the beach and traditional is rarely a word that joins my name in a sentence. Next thing I knew I was very jealous of the swishy cool look to Maggie Sottero's Mary (though the skirt was waaay too much for me).

And I was loving the modern uber sparkle of Mrs Green Tea's "Zelda"

And more than anything, I kept thinking the beautiful neckline of Mrs Cherry Pie's dress would have been much more dance friendly.

Oh, and the "why didn't I think of making the back a V style?!"
I had started looking through craigslist and ebay to see if anything popped up for an inexpensive alternative to my dress. At this point I knew my dress was not the most "me" dress. And since I'd only be wearing it once - shouldn't it be the epitome of "me"? But then again, I'm only wearing it once, Adam was going to think I was beautiful in anything, I've already bought it and it is a beautiful WOW-worthy dress.

Knowing that potentially switching dresses would also mean trying to sell my current dress while finishing up wedding preparations and then being uber stressed with finding another dress with in such a short time span. So I decided that my dress was pretty and it wasn't worth the last minute effort to replace it. But I continued to think about it and drool over other dresses that were more "me". And then it was the rehearsal and I spent the day in a light flowy airy dress I love.... and have no good pictures of unfortunately!
It was airy and light and beachy and pale colored and once or twice I thought "why dont i just get married in this!?"

And then it was the morning of our wedding. My dress was just beautiful and glowing!
I'm sure I would have been glowing in a potato sack, but I felt bridal so I was happy. I know everyone compliments the bride, but EVERYONE.. ALL DAY... kept saying that my dress was amazing and unique and BEAUTIFUL etc. I normally don't care too much about what other people think, but WOW! This many compliments and high praise - I was a very happy bride and VERY happy with my dress choice. Now, I am soo glad I didn't change my dress. Hence - the ALMOST dress regret. Now, I love it again and am debating whether or not to keep it or sell it or donate it.


theblogsmaid said...

That dress is BEAUTIFUL!! And I agree with your friends that you look beautiful in it - good choice!

Aricka said...

You looked beautiful in your dress and the flowers and photos look just wonderful! Congratulations!!!


Jessica said...

Thanks for the very interesting post...
I'm currently going through some wedding dress regrets, debating about whether to pay more when my original dream dress showed up on the internet, or keep my dress I have now, which I got mainly because it was a designer I loved and I didn't dislike it (and it was 1/4 of the original price, therefore, more in my price range)
AlsoThat dream dress is also a couple sizes smaller than me, and though I know it's probably not smart to think about getting it and losing weight, I can't help indulging in the fantasy...

Jessica said...

Also I was going to say that it's nice to hear that you liked you original in the end, that maybe if I choose not to get that dream dress that I can end up still loving my original dress...