Bouquet Sashay

So I had this idea...
Ok. Like before, it wasn't my idea. But I found it, and liked it. (And by found it, I mean, thanks Next Exit Photography care of Southern Weddings :-) ).

These days its seems like many are shying away from carrying traditional bouquets in lieu of more personal or themed items. For the Catholics, Bibles and Rosary. Fans, books, and candles seem to be favorites. But fans are just asking to be fidgeted with, the books we like are across the board and often unheard of thus would require some explaining, and we are outside in the late afternoon - a candle would just be a battle of matches vs wind and something tells me wind wins!

So when I came across the above picture, I liked it! It was different from a bouquet, but didn't have to be themed or personal. I could find some cool fabric for the ribbon and call it a day. I sent the link to my bridesmaids positive that the responses would be that they love it! It was fun, different, but not so different that even my uber traditional bridesmaid would dislike it. SWEET!
If we have learned anything through my blogging (for those of you still awake or paying attention) it is that I almost never get the response I am expecting. The general response was that they didn't want a corsage. Am I the only one who totally didn't see this as a corsage but a funky wrist sash? Oh, and then as before, trust my eldest sister to have the best response.
MOH pointed out that she wouldn't know what to do with her hands. Eldest Sister "I'd just pinch butts."

Bouquets it is!!!!

Anyone else have some crazy friends and family with entertaining responses?

Anyone else love an idea that got shot down like a duck?

What are your girls carrying?


Lisa said...

I like it!

uh_mandaR_hode said...

i like it as well. i even considered the idea for our wedding but read a really good point (whilst blog stalking) that it wouldn't look as great in pictures as bouquets will. and i know, i know it's not about pleasing the "norm" for wedding pictures but the more I thought about it I wondered, in poses where we would normally hold the bouquet, what would we do with our hands?

at the end of the day I decided that I didn't want my awkward hand positioning to get in the way of my gorgeous photos, alas, i still love the idea!