Our dancin' song!

Remember when I asked you what you might dance down the aisle to?

I couldn't remember the name or artist for this song at the time but THIS is the song that, a few months ago, we would have been dancing down the aisle to. (My mother is yet again saying thanks that I hadn't seen this video before the wedding.) It just came on and I quickly jotted down the info to share! (Michael Franti/Spearhead singing "Say Hey (I Love you)"


What would your song be if you would have danced down the aisle?


Dine said...

funny, its the song i have on the side of my blog coz i LOVE it!!! it have been a perfect choice!!! Seems like life on the west coast is treating you guys well. Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog and inspirations.

Heidi said...

Hey - I didn't know how else to get a hold of you, but after hearing about the crash, wanted to make sure your husband was ok...I sure hope so!