Inviting Invitiations

Choosing our invitations wasn't a particularly difficult process.... but it did take us a while to actually get around to deciding and ordering.... Did I mention I am an uber procrastinator and everything else got done so early that I still feel ok in pushing this one to the limit?

Also, did I mention that while I think that silk boxes and crystal embellishments are beautiful... but for $8 per box (without the invite).. notosomuch.
(As always, click on the image for the source)
We decided pretty early on that invites were not a splurge point in our budget. Engraving is probably beautiful. Letterpress is lovely. But really, for our type of party and friends... they were going to be kept (we hope) for the information up until the wedding before they hit the (we also hope) recycling bin. So we started looking for more affordable options. Enter the wonderful world of Wedding Paper Divas. Beautiful, great range of designs, and affordable!

We loved the natural wood look of this one, but red wasn't in our motif.
Enchanted by the lotus style... not a good fit for our wedding though. So we started out searching for beach, tropical, and destination style invitations. These are some of the options we came up with. We covered a range of cheese and cost levels.
We liked that these didn't have seashells on them... but the hearts in the sand were just a tad too far on the cheesy side for us.
These were nice and not nearly as cheesy, but a tad too plain for us. We wanted something a little more fun.

Lots more fun! And included stars. Best of both worlds! But we felt it wasn't quite formal enough.
Loved the artsy feel of this one. Certainly not something you see every day. Still something we love, but it wasn't our end favorite.

We loved this one. The cut out wave was artistic, pretty, simple, yet elegant... but not quite "us".
And then we found these...

The "splash" design from Olio Style. We loved them. Abstract, but beachy without being kitschy. Elegant, but fun. We ordered a sample pack to check out the paper quality and loved them. So when we decided this, there was still soo much time. So I kept checking around from time to time to see if there was anything else we liked better... and then the next thing I knew I was behind my "order by" deadline! Whoopsidaisies!
No worries, we ordered, they arrived (beautiful!), were addressed and mailed. Phew!