If I didn't already have a dress....

While perusing my blog stalkings this morning, I cam across a Polkdot Bride post that made me think twice about my dress and maybe even being a two dress bride!

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Posted by: Polkadot Bride at 3:07 pm

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is on again this year Some of the top names in Australian fashion have designed the most stunning gowns to auction to raise money for breast cancer research. (Check out the auctions here)

Designers including Willow, Sass & Bide, Akira Isogawa, Collette Dinnigan, Ksubi and Easton Pearson have all designed beautiful pieces for auction.

Collette Dinnigan

This one is my favorite and if I didn't have a dress already... and I was uber stick thin... this dress could be a STEAL since it is currently at $434!! There are also some great citrus bright dresses that could be fun for a bridesmaid or rehearsal dinner or just a fun dress! Go to the auction and check them out!


The Pissed Off Bride said...

THERE'S NO OPTION TO LEAVE A COMMENT. I'm assuming it's ok to comment since you asked.

Anyway, I love the songs. I think every song is perfect. . .except for the last one.

Sorry, don't be mad, but I don't like it. I don't think it "goes". I also don't think a gospel voice would pull that song off, it would sound strange.

I have to hear the other song that your talking about doing with a guitar. Do you have to have a singer? Will she be mad or hurt?

Anonymous said...

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